An Lá Dearg | Cearta, Cothromas agus Cóir

2:00pm Dé Sathairn 12ú Aibreán 2014


Cliceáil ar an nasc thíos chun an t-eolais a íoslódáil

Postaeir – AN LÁ DEARG
Bileog Eolais – AN LÁ DEARG 
Petition – AN LÁ DEARG
Litir chuig Gaelscoileanna – LÁ DEARG
Litir Tuistí – LÁ DEARG



–         A comprehensive rights-based Irish Language Act for the North.

–         That the State in the North fulfils their obligations to develop a comprehensive Irish-medium Education system.

–         That adequate resources be provided for the Irish speaking Community

 The peace process must now deliver for the Irish language


  1. Section 7(3) of the Good Friday Agreement outlined commitments to “promote respect, tolerance and understanding of the language”. It was also agreed that “resolute action to promote the Irish language” would be taken.

–          These commitments have not been honoured by the politicians and the government has failed to ensure a broad range of funding opportunities for the Irish language

  1. In the St Andrews’ agreement the British Government agreed that an Irish-Language Act would be implemented and also that they would work to “enhance and protect the development of the Irish Language”

–          There is still no legislation to protect the language. The Council of Ministers has recommended that the UK government implement legislation for the Irish language in the North as “a matter of priority”.  

  1. III.                      The Irish language is not afforded protection under domestic Equality legislation. Prejudice against the Irish language is preventing the delivery of equality and rights for Irish speakers and the Language is not being acknowledged as part of our shared future.

– The language has been ignored in the OFMDFM Shared Future Strategy and there is no recognition of equality and human rights for Irish speakers which are fundamental to an inclusive and shared future.

  1.        Over €2000,000,000 has been spent through Peace Programmes 1, 2, & 3 and the need to promote tolerance of the language to build a lasting peace through this European programme has been virtually ignored.

–          The Peace IV programme represents the final opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to stability and peace by fostering tolerance and respect for the Irish language in the North

  1. V.                         In spite of the combined obligations under the European Charter and the Statutory Duty to “facilitate and encourage” Irish-medium   education and the relevant jurisprudence, the Department of Education are not giving due weight and consideration to these obligations in the formulation of policy and are not pro-active in removing obstacles that inhibit the statutory objective to develop IME.


Detailed list of Demands:-

  1.         i.            The implementation of a rights-based Irish language Act as promised in consultation with the Irish language community.
  2.     iii.            Respect for the rights and equality of the Irish speaking community and the acknowledgement of the Government’s responsibilities to this community should a fundamental pre-requisite to a shared future strategy.
  3.     iv.            That significant funds of £20M+ be set aside under the Peace IV Programme for the promotion of tolerance and understanding of the Language in the North and the border counties for the benefit of all.
  4.       v.            The Department of Education must pro-actively and in conjunction with those with expertise in IME develop a comprehensive immersion education system from pre-school to post-primary that is accessible to all.
  1. The adoption of measures to fund and implement the Irish-language strategy. It is necessary that the Irish language sector is involved in planning and developing a stable and viable funding structure and that the Irish language community in the North receives appropriate funding to ensure that vital services for the Irish language community in the North are enhanced.

This includes a review of existing policy that has not given due consideration to the statutory duty; that the current  review of transport arrangements ensures that all pupils have access to Irish Medium Education and that all obstacles currently inhibiting such access to IME are removed; dedicated DE funding for the support organisation and structure for pre-school provision and for the provision of high quality resources from An tAisaonad for the IME sector; committed IM youth services; appropriate forward planning and investment to deliver post-primary provision in line with objective need and appropriate forward planning and investment prior to and at the early stage of establishment; review of accommodation arrangements to ensure appropriate funding for the establishment and the development of modern and fit-for purpose IME schools; dedicated IME SEN hubs.



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