Nóta na hAoine – 25ú Meán Fómhair 2015

Story Teller: A Story Teller will visit the School shortly and will work throughout the day, different sessions with all year groups. There will be a charge of £1 per child, more information prior to the visit early in October. Curriculum Meetings: Curriculum meetings for all year groups will be conducted week commencing 26th October. Further notification to follow regarding days/times etc PE Lessons: Unfortunately as of yet we have not been able to confirm slots in local halls for PE lessons. Parents will be notified as quickly as possible of the commencement of PE lessons when hall rental is confirmed. We would hope to be in a position to commence at the beginning of October. Head Lice: There has been an incident of head lice reported and therefore we are asking all parents to check all heads over the weekend and treat as required. School Uniform: Please remember to write your child’s name on all school uniform items as some children are having great difficulty with losing their school jumpers and not being able to identify them. Child Safety: Based on recent media cover re: alleged abduction attempts in the local area, we are asking all parents to be extra cautious and vigilant whilst children are playing outdoors. Electronic Items: School Policy does not permit pupils to bring electronic items such as Ipads / Ipods / Tablets / Mobile Phones etc to school for obvious reasons. This rule also applies to ‘Golden Time’ on a Friday, when children can bring other toys/books etc. Drop off : Parents should leave their children at school gate in the mornings. Parents are not permitted to go through the school gate into the playground for safeguarding reasons. Any children that are late for school must be brought to the office and will be taken to their classroom by a staff member. If you need to speak to a teacher about anything concerning your child you can ring the school office and make an appointment. School Payments: Bus money is to be paid on a weekly basis to Supervisor on bus. All other monies are to be submitted to classroom. Correct monies required in an envelope clearly labelled and dated. Break money monthly basis £8.00 per month. Dinner money weekly basis £2.50 per day. Afterschools money weekly basis £2/3 per day.